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Around the farm

Merry Moos Farm Project has big ambitions to establish a working care farm and animal sanctuary in Dorset. Our plans include a range of projects and activities that will make farming and nature accessible to individuals from all communities and backgrounds. 

Our small working farm alongside the sanctuary means the animals that retire from a working life, or through no fault of their own are in desperate need of a loving home, will have the opportunity of living out the rest of their lives in peace and quiet. They will be luckier than most. The sanctuary will also benefit the groups and individuals that we would like to work with as they will get to share their love and the animals will share it right back -just giving them a hug has proven to be beneficial to one's wellbeing. Everyone needs a hug!
Ongoing and running costs would be raised through a range of different avenues.

Here is information about some of our planned projects: 


The working farm will welcome individuals from all backgrounds to experience various activities on the farm.

Social prescriptions and being involved in the farm can offer an alternative to medication for those with depression, mental health and other conditions, to improve their wellbeing.


Visit the farm and feel positive about yourself, make new friends with the people or animals, have a hug…

Above ground planters and polytunnels will show visitors where food comes from. The seasonal vegetables produced will be used to feed our clients who op to work in the gardening section of the project. 


A wildlife area, including bird, owl and bat boxes will encourage nature and support biodiversity.

Have a go at milking Jersey cows. The milk will be sold as farm gate through a vending machine it will also be used to create products such as cream butter cheese, which will be sold commercially. 

JERESY COW 6_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Farmer with Organic Eggs

Feed the chickens and go on an egg hunt.

Bees are important as pollinators for the natural world, but are disappearing fast. Managed by our beekeeper, our bees will help the diversity of our farm, and help visitors understand their importance.

Beekeeper with Honeycomb

Planting and managing hedgerows, fruit and native trees will help biodiversity.

An animal sanctuary will allow our retired animals, and others from around the country to live out their lives in peace and quiet, and surrounded by friends – of the four legged and two legged variety!


Cooking classes using produce from the farm will teach individuals a crucial life skill.

Stay in the onsite accommadation for a relaxing break and join in with the activities on site.


Open days will showcase the project

In order to achieve our aim, we are raising funds for the capital to buy the farm and start running the project. Without your act of kindness, this project remains just words on a page. To find out more, including how to make a donation (however small) visit our donation page

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