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Updated: Jan 24, 2022

We would love for you to come and join us and enjoy learning new skills meeting new people and animals


We all have a dream our dream is to raise funding to be able to secure a small farm somewhere in Dorset where we will be able to assist people with their wellbeing learn a new skill, giving everybody the opportunity to sample what life is like on a small working care farm. In an environment far removed from your day to day lives, breathe that fresh country air listens to just the wild birds chatting.

Having a go at milking some nice quiet jerseys cows, collecting the eggs from the free-range chickens which could turn into hunt the eggs, growing vegetables from the above-ground planters being involved in a small wildlife area that would be created on the farm just think if you got involved you could be helping the local birds and small mammals provide a source of food for them, putting bird and bat and owl box's up.

Planting native trees and some fruit trees having a go at creating liquid honey from honey cones from the bees that would be introduced.

There will even be a basic cooking lesson

Meet the sanctuary animals which will form part of the project we all need a hug at times so will these animals.

We want clients to leave feeling a sense of achievement finding something within themselves they did not think they had.

We do desperately need your help so could you please share our site with everyone to make these words and imagines on a piece of paper become a reality with your help we can do it.

Any donations great or small will put this project one step further towards our goal.

So one act of kindness is contagious so go on feel good

Just head over to for more information.


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