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About the Farm


How it came about


The project came about through a personal bump in my life, after many years of running my own farming business. It gave me a chance to reflect on the important things in life. I had been so lucky to be able to live and work with nature - the days are never the same within farming and working with livestock certainly brings its challenges.  I never grew up in farming but had this passion to work with animals and got the opportunity to learn and work on a livestock farm. The hours were long but I loved it.
If you have a dream never give up on it no matter what it is. I didn't.  

I wanted to be able to give something back and allow a wide variety of people the opportunity of enjoying farm life. So, along with 2 other passionate people, we created Merry Moos Farm Project which started life on the 30th June 2021 as a community interest company (CIC), where everything we raise will go towards our goal of raising capital to purchase a farm somewhere in Dorset. 

What we would like to achieve with your help

When Merry Moos Farm Project becomes a reality we would like to work with a range of people.

 From the older age group 60-85 plus, we would encourage them to participate in a range of activities. Our aim is to work with groups and organisations including those that work with ex-service personnel, Adults with physical disabilities, adults with learning disabilities people on a low income.


We believe in social prescriptions where, instead of being prescribed tablets by the doctor the individual could ask to have a prescription written to allow them to access activities, such as those at Merry Moos Farm project that would help them to improve their well-being.


The working farm will include animals, birds, plants and bees, with a clear eye on nature and biodiversity.

Farming Scene

Now farms are wonderful places when it's dry - even when it's cold you can wrap up warm – but when it's wet and cold people are less inclined to venture out, so indoor activities would be sorted too. You can find out more about our planned activities here.


​Alongside the working farm, our animal sanctuary will give the animals that retire from a working life the opportunity of living out the rest of their lives in peace and quiet - they will be luckier than most. Our sanctuary will also benefit the groups and individuals that we would like to work with as they will get to share their love and the animals will share it right back. Just giving animals a hug has proven to be beneficial to one's wellbeing. Everyone needs a hug.


The large animal sanctuary might include donkeys, horses, goats, pigs and chickens, alongside other animals in desperate need as they would always be taken in and given a loving home

Times are hard and getting harder financially. To allow everyone the opportunity that otherwise they may not get we want to offer people access to the facilities without any cost and would look to cover our running costs via different avenues.  


The most important mission is for people to leave the farm feeling positive about themselves and to make new friends even if it's one of the sanctuary animals – we know some people just feel more comfortable around animals rather than other people.

This project cannot happen unless we can first succeed in raising the capital to purchase a small farm. Everything that you have read will stay words on a piece of paper.

We feel so passionate about this project and hope that you too believe in the difference it can make and the impact it can have on people’s lives. So we hope that you may be able to donate (even a small amount). We have a mountain to climb but with everyone's love and support we can get there.


KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS, so feel good and help us reach our goal.


You can Use the Blue button Or the QR code to go directly to our donation page

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